Use the live tracking feature in OsmAnd to show your current location on a map
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OsmAnd-Tracker is a small bit of PHP to accept location pings from OsmAnd and display a static map with that location.

The map is suitable for placement inside of an iframe element on a personal website or such. The functionality is similar to the Google Latitude "location badge" feature but allows you to control your own information and uses the MapQuest Open static map API to generate a simple image with a location pin on it.

Deployment instructions

Copy the files and edit settings.php. Namely $apikey needs to be set to get an interactive map. Alternatively, you could use an interactive map from (see the commented code in map.php).

After configuring the settings to your liking, you must point OsmAnd to where tracker.php is located. The full URL is:{0}&lon={1}&timestamp={2}&hdop={3}&altitude={4}&speed={5}&key=SECRETKEY

Don't forget to replace with your site AND set SECRETKEY to your secret key!