AngularJS directives for pickadate.js
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AngularJS directives for pickadate.js.



  1. Install dependency using bower

     bower install ng-pickadate --save
  2. Set overrides property in bower.json to register pickadate CSS files

  • Classic theme

        "overrides": {
          "pickadate": {
            "main": [
  • Default theme

        "overrides": {
          "pickadate": {
            "main": [


  1. Declare the dependency

     angular.module('yourApp', ['pickadate']);
  2. Use pick-a-date and pick-a-time directives.

    <input type="text" pick-a-date="curDate"/>
    <input type="text" pick-a-time="curTime"/>
    $scope.curDate = new Date(); // Only the date part of curDate
                                 // is synced to pick-a-date directive
    $scope.curTime = new Date(); // Only the time part of timeDate
                                 // is synced to pick-a-time directive
  3. You can also provide additional max-date and min-date values.

     <input type="text" pick-a-date="startDate" max-date="endDate"/>
     <input type="text" pick-a-date="endDate" min-date="startDate"/>


You can define pickadate.js options through pick-a-date-options and pick-a-time-options directives as well.

<input type="text" pick-a-date="curDate" pick-a-date-options="{ format: 'dd/mm/yy', selectYears: true }" />

If you find yourself setting the same options for multiple date pickers, you can set them as the default options for all date pickers by configuring pickADateProvider and pickATimeProvider.

angular.module('yourApp', ['pickadate'])
  .config(['pickADateProvider', 'pickATimeProvider', function (pickADateProvider, pickATimeProvider) {
      format: 'dd/mm/yy',
      selectYears: true

      today: ''

Form Validation

AngularJS form validation can be used using ngModel. Keep in mind that ngModel keeps the string value of the raw input.

<form name="dateForm">
  <input type="text" name="dateInput" ng-model="curDateText" pick-a-date="curDate"/>
  <div ng-show="dateForm.dateInput.$error.required" style="color: red;">
    <strong>Date is required.</strong>

In order to correct how the pickadate.js affects ngModel states of its assigned input, ng-pickadate uses ngModelController to manually restore expected form validation states: $pristine, $dirty, $untouched, and $touched. The unexpected angular validation states caused by the pickadate.js jQuery plugin, and how they've been corrected, are as follows:

  • When pickadate is initialized on an input, this triggers the input's ngModel to be marked as $dirty. To correct this, the ng-pickadate directives each set ngModel to $pristine at the end of the postlink function.
  • When pickadate calendar opens, the input itself loses focus and its ngModel is marked as $touched. To correct this, the directives set ngModel to $untouched the first time the calendar opens, and set it to $touched whenever the calendar closes, via pickadate's onOpen and onClose methods, respectively.


This project is initially based on a blog post from Coding Insight