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WebAssembly support

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@MaxDesiatov MaxDesiatov released this 21 Jul 18:49
· 217 commits to main since this release

This is the first release that supports WebAssembly and browsers with the new TokamakDOM module. The API now closely follows SwiftUI, while the new React-like API is no longer available. Unfortunately, since older versions of iOS don't support opaque types, and you already can use SwiftUI on iOS versions that do support it, iOS and macOS renderers are no longer available. Many thanks to @carson-katri, @j-f1, @helje5, @hodovani, @Outcue, @filip-sakel and @noontideox for their contributions to this release!

Closed issues:

  • State vars have to be first (#190)
  • Implicit 8 pixel margin added to html body (#188)
  • Unable to set Color value (#186)
  • Crash in protocol conformance code (#167)
  • Extend Path to match the SwiftUI API (#156)
  • Some primitive Views cannot access @Environment (#139)
  • Logo for the project (#132)
  • ZStack? (#111)
  • View has - by default - a Body of type Never. (#110)
  • Getting value of type 'String' has no member 'components' (#108)
  • Does iOS 10 work? (#105)
  • Add Tokamak project linter (#77)
  • Ambiguous reference to member 'node' (#68)

Merged pull requests: