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* This smart contract code is Copyright 2017 TokenMarket Ltd. For more information see
* Licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0:
pragma solidity ^0.4.14;
import "./BurnableCrowdsaleToken.sol";
* The AML Token
* This subset of BurnableCrowdsaleToken gives the Owner a possibility to
* reclaim tokens from a participant before the token is released
* after a participant has failed a prolonged AML process.
* It is assumed that the anti-money laundering process depends on blockchain data.
* The data is not available before the transaction and not for the smart contract.
* Thus, we need to implement logic to handle AML failure cases post payment.
* We give a time window before the token release for the token sale owners to
* complete the AML and claw back all token transactions that were
* caused by rejected purchases.
contract AMLToken is BurnableCrowdsaleToken {
// An event when the owner has reclaimed non-released tokens
event OwnerReclaim(address fromWhom, uint amount);
function AMLToken(string _name, string _symbol, uint _initialSupply, uint _decimals, bool _mintable) BurnableCrowdsaleToken(_name, _symbol, _initialSupply, _decimals, _mintable) {
/// @dev Here the owner can reclaim the tokens from a participant if
/// the token is not released yet. Refund will be handled offband.
/// @param fromWhom address of the participant whose tokens we want to claim
function transferToOwner(address fromWhom) onlyOwner {
if (released) revert();
uint amount = balanceOf(fromWhom);
balances[fromWhom] = balances[fromWhom].sub(amount);
balances[owner] = balances[owner].add(amount);
Transfer(fromWhom, owner, amount);
OwnerReclaim(fromWhom, amount);