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This repository will be used to implement a Drizzle algorithm plugin for Opticks as a part of GSoC 2015.

Progress blog:

To use plugin:

  • Install Opticks:
  • Download 'Drizzle.dll' from the folder 'Build' on this repository or build
  • Move 'Drizzle.dll' to the PlugIn folder of Opticks (%OPTICKS_DIR%\4.12.0\Plugins)
  • Open Opticks and select the Drizzle plugin from the 'Image Enhancement' drop down menu

To build:

  • Install Opticks SDK:
  • Go to the folder where Opticks SDK is installed
  • Go to application\PlugIns\src\
  • Create new directory named 'Drizzle'
  • Download and move all files from the 'Code' folder from this repository as well as the Visual Studio project 'Drizzle.vcxproj' and 'Drizzle.vcxproj.user' to this folder.
  • Open the solution file 'SamplePlugin.sln' located in the %SDK_FOLDER%\application in Visual Studio 2010
  • Add existing project 'Drizzle.vcxproj' to this solution
  • Build