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Websocket (JSR 356) bundle for Dropwizard

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Adding some Websocket-magic to Dropwizard.

This repository contains a Bundle to be used with Dropwizard. For more information about Dropwizard, please visit:

The goal of the bundle was to add support for the JSR 356 Websocket specification. (Lookup since when Jetty supports this functionality).

How does the bundle work?

Add the maven dependency:


The version 2.0.0 does no longer support Java 7. Please use the older dependency or upgrade to Java 8 be.tomcools dropwizard-websocket-jee7-bundle 1.1.0

Add the WebsocketBundle object to the Application.class and add the Endpoint classes you want to load:

public class IntegrationTestApplication extends Application<IntegrationTestConfiguration> {
    private WebsocketBundle websocket = new WebsocketBundle();

    public void initialize(Bootstrap<IntegrationTestConfiguration> bootstrap) {

    public void run(IntegrationTestConfiguration configuration, Environment environment) throws Exception {
        //Annotated endpoint

        //programmatic endpoint
        ServerEndpointConfig serverEndpointConfig = ServerEndpointConfig.Builder.create(ProgrammaticServerEndpoint.class, "/programmatic").build();

Start your server. During startup, all registered Websocket-endpoints will be logged in the same way other resources are logged.

INFO  [2017-05-16 18:18:04,230] be.tomcools.dropwizard.websocket.handling.WebsocketContainer: Registered websocket endpoints: 

	GET		/programmatic (be.tomcools.dropwizard.websocket.integrationtest.programmaticjavaee.ProgrammaticServerEndpoint)
	GET		/pingpong (be.tomcools.dropwizard.websocket.integrationtest.annotatedjavaee.PingPongServerEndpoint)


Websocket default configuration can be overriden using the WebsocketBundleConfiguration Interface on the Configuration class. When the interface is not used, the configuration will not be overridden.

public class IntegrationConfiguration extends Configuration implements WebsocketBundleConfiguration {

private final WebsocketConfiguration websocketConfiguration = new WebsocketConfiguration();

public WebsocketConfiguration getWebsocketConfiguration() {
    return websocketConfiguration;


WebsocketConfiguration: public class WebsocketConfiguration {

private Integer maxTextMessageBufferSize;
private Long asyncSendTimeout;
private Long maxSessionIdleTimeout;
private Integer maxBinaryMessageBufferSize;


Need help? Found an issue? Want extra functionality?

Please report any issues you find. I will frequently check and update if required. Please use following guidelines when posting:

  • Check existing issues to see if it has been addressed already;
  • In issues include the Bundle-version as well as the version of Dropwizard you are using;
  • Add a description of how someone else can reproduce the problem and add the stacktrace if possible.


A Dropwizard bundle that enables the usage of the Java API for WebSocket Protocol (JSR 356).




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