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ORCID datadump to Mongo

This python3 script takes the ORCID JSON datadump and loads it directly into MongoDB. This is orders of magnitude quicker than extracting it to the file system.


you need pymongo

python3 -m pip install pymongo

and a mongo instance. Either install locally, or use docker:

docker run --name orcid-mongo -v /Volumes/Transcend/docker/mongostorage/:/data/db -d mongo:3.5


have an instance of mongo running

python3 --file filename.tar.gz --collection target-collection-name

other scripts

dump_to_scholix_v2api.js : this takes the dump (in mongo) and transforms it into a scholix like format


This also works with docker

To start mongo:

docker run --name orcid-mongo -d -p 27017:27017 -v /Volumes/Transcend/docker/mongostorage/:/data/db mongo:3.5

To start the scipt

cd docker-python
docker build -t orcid-mongo-import .
docker run --name importer --link orcid-mongo:orcid-mongo --rm orcid-mongo-import --file myFile.tar.gz --collection myCollection --resume 0 

To run the script again

docket start importer