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Bingo game written in NodeJs for Love Island
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Love Island Bingo

What is this?

I started watching Love Island, the hit ITV fly on the wall game show.

Where good looking people show their insecurities and vulnerabilities to the nation for money.

..or the pursuit of love. (but I don't think anyone really believes them)

A mixture of noticing that the 'contestants', random words being used frequently and boredom, forced me to create this game.

Because why not.

To install and run from GitHub

  • download and install node
  • download the git repo: $ git clone
  • from your command line: $ npm i && npm run start
  • open http://localhost:8080 in your browser
  • enjoy hours of bingo fun with everyone around you

How to play

  • Press play on the latest episode of love island
  • Press the button below to start and get a bingo board ready! *
  • When anyone in the villa says a word on your board, press the word to dab **
  • First one to get a (5 in a row) vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, WINS!

* you get a new board once an hour ** dab means to select or highlight


No responsibility is taken by the owner of this game, if you start using these words seriously in conversation.

Shame on you.

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