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Responsive Basic Chopped and Screwed.html

Super Basic Responsive Template for Mailchimp

This is my fork of the MailChimp Email Blueprints. It contains a single, responsive template that I've optimized for text-only campaigns. (still HTML-compatible, but it's not set up to make images look good).

I use this template for all College Info Geek mailings, and have tested it in several email clients. Since it's based off of MailChimp's "Responsive Basic" template, which has been tested rigorously in all major email clients, it should work pretty much anywhere.

Major changes to MailChimp's original Responsive Basic template:

  • Template is left-justified
  • All background colors, boxes, and borders have been removed
  • Mobile body font is slightly smaller, and line spacing is better
  • The footer has been removed, as I'm fine with MC's auto-inserted footer

My goal with this template was to end up with something as close to a plain, personal email as possible - while still retaining the benefits of responsiveness and HTML elements such as lists and links.

Have fun!