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View offline presentation from, easy and with gui

Self presentation

You can have a first introduction and take a look at:


Just run "preziplayer".


For community feedback and comments you can find a Facebook page at:


We have produced a few screenshots of running and installing PreziPlayer at:



preziplayer is a small linux utility to run and present your prezi presentation while you are offline.

create and design your prezi while online and download it to use your presentation offline.

1.) welcome info

After starting preziplayer you will get a welcome message. Please proceed with ok.

2.) select presentation zip

Next you have to select your presentation zip file. You can download your prezi presentations from your account on and save them as zip file.

3.) select menu option

After selecting your zip, preziplayer will extract the content to a temporary directory and start a tiny webservice to show your presentation locally. The "Service" will run until you end preziplayer from menu.

Option: Open browser

Your default browser is called to open and start your local prezi presentation. Normally it is running at http://localhost:12345. Select this option and proceed with ok. Take a look if your browser window was opened already before this action, switch to your browser window. You have now offline access to your presentation :-).

Info: Launching default browser

Since Release 1.0-4, method of launching browser was improved by checking for "x-www-browser" alternatives before running "xdg-open". There were some troubles by launching the chromium browser via "xdg-open" on newer distributions like Ubuntu 12.04 (see issue #4).

On Debian based distributions or distributions which support "update-alternatives", you can check your options with:

update-alternatives --list x-www-browser

To change your default browser settings and priority, you can use

update-alternatives --config x-www-browser

Info: Browser using "offline mode"

Sometimes browser will switch to "offline mode" when you do not have any connection to a network by wifi or lan. If this happens, you maybe receive an error message, that the presentation needs to download some parts from internet. This is not correct, it is still your browser that locks the connection to localhost as well. Please just unselect the "offline mode" from your browsers menus (e.g. from firefox file menu) and go on with your presentation.

Info: Fullscreen presentation

Since release 1.0-5 we have created a new html template to open and show your prezi in the browser. The Template is styled by CCS and the Fullscreen option from Prezi Presentation is now available.

Option: Shrink zip file

The download zip has about 17MB stuff which is not neccessary for linux presentation: a player for MacOS and Windows. If you are allowed to resign on them, you could use "Shrink zip" (e.g. 20MB presention is shrinked to around 2.5MB). You will get a copy in same directory as original zip file. The new and shrinked one is named as the original added with "" suffix.

Option: Create zip for (own) webspace

When you already run your own web space, you can use this option to create an archive with the content of your presentation to publish it by yourself. Just run this option and extract the resulting zip file to a directy on your own space. Everything is right in place like an index file (presentation.html), favicon and the presentation. You only have to point your document root or a directory or location to the extracted path.

You should now have access to your presentation with something like

This is also a good way to archive your presentations.

Info: Look & Feel

If you want to change the appearance and the design of the index file to match your site, you could just copy the DIV structure with ID "player" from the generated "presentation.html" to your own html files.

Option: End prezi player

Will shutdown web service and remove all temporary stuff.

Option: None

You have to select one menu option and click OK to run the action, even if you want to exit the menu - otherwise the menu will loop only.


Your have to install following tools to your system (if not already there):

  1. zenity (gui dialog)
  2. weborf (tiny webserver)
  3. zip
  4. unzip
  5. gettext

For apt based systems like Debian and Ubuntu you can check and do the installation easily by:

apt-get install zenity weborf zip unzip gettext

The packages will automatically be added when you download and install the debian package.

Future tasks

nothing decided yet, but of course, feel free to leave me an issue ;-)

Download and installation

1. by .deb (preferred)

As to be simple as possible, you can download a debian package (preferred) from Download sechtion or use latest package directly from:


and run installation by:

sudo dpkg -i preziplayer-(release)_all.deb

Sometimes you have to fix installation of missing dependencies by:

sudo apt-get install -f

The deb package also include a menu starter (graphics sub menu) and an icon.

2. check source file

You also can take a look on latest source at:


3. save source file

or you just save the latest raw source content to your local system from:

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