Firing modes for (S)MG's and Rifles in GTA V.
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Firing Modes

This resource allows you to toggle between full automatic fire, burst fire (about 3 bullets each time) or single shot mode firing mode. To switch between these modes, press L on your keyboard (there's currently no controller option for this).

There's also an implemented gun safety feature. Press K (also, keyboard only) to enable it and you won't be able to fire your weapon.

Note, currently these firing modes and the safety mode only work on (S)MG's and Rifles. Soon™ there will be an option for you to choose your own weapons that have these features enabled.

Configuration (v1.1+)

There are 3 options available to change in the __resource.lua file.

  1. disableIcons 'false' Change this to 'true' if you want to hide/disable the icon in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. safetyToggleKey '7' Change the '7' to any valid control id if you want to change the "Toggle Safety Mode" button.
  3. switchFiringModeKey '311' Change the '311' to any valid control id if you want to change the "Switch Firing Mode" button.