Disable player blips on your FiveM server.
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Author: Vespura

Description: Hide player blips and overhead player names!


Overhead Player Names

  • Hide overhead names of all players.
  • (Optional) enable overhead names if you are within x meters from another player.
  • (Optional) enable overhead names if there are less than x amount of players online.
  • (Optional) God permissions override this and you will still be able to see the overhead names, no matter what.

Player Blips

  • Hide player blips on the minimap (radar) and/or the main map in the pause menu.
  • (Optional) Only hide player blips when there are more than x amount of players online.
  • (Optional) Don't hide the player blips from minimap and/or the main map if the player has the god permission.
  • (Experimental) You have an option to disable PLD generated blips. However this is still a bit buggy and if you enable this option, it will disable Player Blips on the main map and on the minimap, for both regular player AND players with the God permission. Regardless of any other settings. There's nothing I can do about this, it's caused by the way PLD is coded.