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3. Configuration

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This is for advanced configuration only. If you just want to install the resource and you want it to work straight out of the box, then follow the instructions on the Installation page instead. If not, continue reading 😉 .


Here we'll take a look at the options available if you open up the client.lua file located in `resources/noplayerblips/client.lua.

Minimum online players

The first option we'll talk about this the min_players_online option:

local min_players_online = 0 -- (default: 0)

Let's say, you want to hide the blips only if there are 10 or more players currently online. Simply set the value above to 10 and (re)start the server. The blips will now be visible for everyone, until the server reaches 10+ players, if the server reached 10 players, and then someone leaves the server the blips will automatically re-appear. Set this option to 0 to disable it.

Blip display type

The second option available allows you to change the display type for the player blips. This type can be overwritten for players that have the "god" permission by changing the option alternative blip display type (we'll talk about that later).

local blip_display_type = 1 -- (default: 1)

The available options are:

  1. This will hide the blips completely (from the minimap/radar as well as the pause menu).
  2. This will show the blips (which is pointless if you take a look at what this resource is all about, but it's available anyway)
  3. This will only hide the blips from the minimap/radar. The blips will still be visible if you open the pause menu.

Alternative blip display type

This option will be used for when the player has the "god" permission or the minimum amount of online players has not been reached. The possible values are the same as for the regular display type. By default the display type is set to 2 (show blips on the minimap and in the pause menu).

local alternative_blip_display_type = 2 -- (default: 2)

Disable PLD blips

This is an option because it is a hacky solution. It's so bad that I actually don't want to call this a "feature" or "solution", but its working (I hope... because it's not 100% tested). If you leave/set this to true it will remove all PLD blips no matter what, there's no "god" permission for this. If a PLD blip has been removed, it's gone, forever. The server needs to be restarted and the client will need to reboot their game before the PLD blips return. This is because of the extremely shitty and crappy way PLD is coded. Since this feature isn't tested much, use it at your own risk.

local disable_pld_blips = true

Disable overhead player names

Set this to false if you still want to be able to see player names above their heads. People with the god permission will always be able to see the player names. If you enabled the min_players_online option, then player names will only be hidden if there's enough players online.

local disable_player_names = true

Overhead player names proximity

Distance in meters. If you are within disable_player_names_distance meters from another player, you will see their name above their head. Set this to -1 if you want all player names to be hidden at all times (no matter how close you get to someone, you won't see their names).

God permission still overrides this, god players can see them all the time!

local disable_player_names_distance = 5

Permissions/God Players

If you want certain players to have the ability to see the player blips no matter what, you'll have to give that player permission. To do that you need to add an ace for that player.

For example, lets say I want to give myself the "god" permission, I first need to get (one of) my player identifiers. This can either be an IP, Steam or License. I'm not going to go into detail about how to get those, just look it up on the FiveM forums. In this case, I'm going to use all 3 of the identifiers as an example. All I need to do is add the following things somewhere in my server.cfg file:

add_ace identifier.steam:110000105959047 npb.god allow
add_ace identifier.license:4510587c13e0b645eb8d24bc104601792277ab98 npb.god allow
add_ace identifier.ip: npb.god allow

Note that you only need one of those for it to work, but as an example I just listed all of them. Make sure you add the identifier. before the steam:<steam hex id> or licence:<license> or ip:<ip> identifiers else it won't work.

After you've added the "npb.god allow" ace to all "special" players (or groups, this also works if you're already using ace/principal groups) restart the server and you're all set.

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