@TomGrobbe TomGrobbe released this Mar 15, 2018 · 452 commits to production since this release

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Fixes in this update

  • Fixed 2k/ultra wide monitors from freaking the fuck out when opening the menu (sometimes).
  • Improved teleporting to waypoint, it's now a lot less common to get the "could not teleport" error and be teleported randomly near the original waypoint, instead you'll now often be teleported exactly to the waypoint (if possible).
  • Almost certainly fixed the vehicle despawn issue. Can't confirm that it's 100% fixed as i've spend 5 minutes spawning new vehicles non stop, and it worked fine every time, but I've not tested it a 2 million and 10th times... Only time will tell if this actually worked.
  • Solved some other small bugs I noticed while trying to figure out the bug mentioned above and also fixed those and cleaned up the code a lot regarding the spawning of vehicles.