@TomGrobbe TomGrobbe released this Apr 9, 2018 · 391 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

v1.1.0 - New features, changes and some bug fixes.


  • 2a1fdde Clear Area option in Misc Settings (requires: vMenu.MiscSettings.ClearArea permission). It will clear the area around you (100 meters) of all damage to the world, objects, props, broken street lights (and similar world-details), vehicles, peds, etc, etc.
  • 72d3fc9 Added a new convar (set vMenuDisableDynamicWeather "true") that when set will disable dynamic weather changes by default when the server starts. It can still be turned on if players have permission to toggle it, but it'll be disabled by default with this convar set.
  • 706efdf Added the KAMACHO. Apparently this car was missing from the off-road category, but nobody noticed or bothered reporting it, so this has now been fixed.


  • 3a0beb3 Changed the design of the Weapon Options menu. Every weapon is now in their correct Weapon Category. Reducing the 82 items long list in some better organized submenus. Full permissions support will be added soon.
  • c0d8518 Changed the weather system to increase the chance of "good weather" and reduce the chance of "bad weather" (rain/thunder/overcast).
  • 454703a Some internal cleaning up.

Fixes and improvements

  • 9de2eea Fixed addon list permission bug for vehicle spawning. This list will now also check for vehicle classes permissions.
  • 65ce0b5 Improved some "spacer items centering" internal functions (used in the new Weapon Options menu and the Vehicle Colors submenu).
  • 087a589 Fixed/improved vehicle and player freezing/unfreezing, allowing for better compatibility with other resources relying on the player to be frozen without external resources trying to unfreeze the entity constantly.
  • d1e5b0f Fixed an issue which allowed certain people who think they're cool abuse the kick/summon/kill options by injecting code into the game and creating fake events. It's unlikely this has been used a lot, if at all, so it's nothing to worry about. Especially because it's now fixed 😊.
  • c1e8aa8 Fixed saved vehicles being spawned multiple times when opening/closing the menu a lot and disabling "replace previous vehicle". Thanks to Deltanic for reporting this some time ago and helping me test/debug this issue.
  • fa28ac9 Also reported by Deltanic, was that sometimes your car would not be deleted/placed on the ground correctly when already in a vehicle and spawning a new one. This is now changed so if you disabled "replace previous vehicle" and you spawn a new car while already being inside one, your old one won't be deleted and your new car will spawn in front of your old car.