@TomGrobbe TomGrobbe released this Apr 22, 2018 · 361 commits to master since this release

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vMenu v1.1.2


  • added an indicator in the weather options menu to show what the current weather type is.
  • added walking style options for the multiplayer male/female ped in the player appearance menu.
  • added an unban menu. requires the vMenu.OnlinePlayers.Unban permission. The menu can be accessed from the Main Menu.
  • added an option to log all ban/unban actions of staff-members to a file. to enable this, add set vMenuLogBanActions true to your server.cfg file (somewhere above start vMenu).
  • [dev] added events that get triggered on the server side when a player was successfully kicked, banned or unbanned (only useful for resource developers).


  • removed src folder from auto-generated download.
  • fixed index out of range exception when pressing "enter" in an empty submenu.
  • fixed typo making the "no bike helmet" option save correctly now when pressing "save preferences".
  • fixed a mistake in the default permissions.cfg file that prevented the DontBanMe permission from working (if you customized/changed it, then it would've worked just fine)
  • fixed and cleaned up some random minor things, and changed license because of too many idiots abusing the old license.