@TomGrobbe TomGrobbe released this Apr 29, 2018 · 343 commits to production since this release

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  • "Flash high-beams on honk" option in misc settings, when enabled will turn on your car's high-beams when pressing the horn. A useless and silly, yet funny feature.
  • Added vehicle underglow options.
  • Added debug mode toggle commands, (server and client side are separate), this is for devs only.
  • Added sorting of items in saved peds spawn/delete sub-menus.
  • Added more info and debugging info.
  • Added support for future-proof/advanced peds/vehicles saving features for upcoming updates.


  • Changed vehicle and ped saving. THIS IS REQUIRED FOR FUTURE UPDATES.
    Note, that after this update, you will no longer be able to access your existing saved peds or vehicles on servers using outdated versions of vMenu. You will still be able to use them on servers that have properly updated vMenu. If you need access to your peds/vehicles on outdated servers, tell the server owner to update vMenu asap.
  • Removed the "vMenu.MiscSettings.Menu" permission node. This menu was never intended to have an "menu entry" permission node, as it contains the "Save Preferences" option, which should always be available. This update does not destroy your permissions system, however it will allow everyone access to the Misc Settings menu, there's no way to disable this.
  • Renamed some stuff internally and cleaned up.

Improvements / fixes

  • Fixed a bunch of small things.
  • Cleaned up messy code.
  • Improved performance of certain functions slightly, to reduce the ~4ms warnings. However, until I find out what's causing the "performance issues", there will still be occasional 'performance warnings'. Nothing I can do about this atm, as I need better tools to figure out what's causing it first. And I'll have to do a lot more testing to make sure it's actually my code that's causing this, or if it's in NativeUI, or some other dependency (if the latter is the case, then there probably won't be any fixes for this for a long time).