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[Release] vMenu v3.3.0-pre

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@TomGrobbe TomGrobbe released this 29 Aug 15:47

vMenu v3.3.0 (Pre-Release)

Note this is an untested pre-release version, use at your own risk.

Note before updating

SQLite support has been dropped. This caused too many crashes and was completely incompatible with recent (Linux) FXServer artifacts.
The new ban system uses the default server side storage built in to FXServer. To migrate (copy) your old vmenu_bans.db or bans.json file, follow the following steps. If you don't have a vmenu_bans.db file, and only a bans.json file skip to step 2.

  • Step 1. Upload your vmenu_bans.db file to here, and place the bans.json file you get here: /resources/vMenu/bans.json
  • Step 2. Update to the latest version of vMenu, start the server and type vmenuserver migrate in the server console. This may take some time depending on the amount of bans you have stored. ONLY RUN THIS COMMAND ONCE, OTHERWISE YOUR BANS WILL BE DUPLICATED
  • Step 3 Make sure the bans are imported by joining the server and checking the banned players menu. After that, delete the bans.json and vmenu_bans.db files, as you'll no longer need them.

Changes (summary)

  • New bans system. The JSON and SQLite implementations have been removed.
  • Fix death notifications & restore appearance on re-spawn bugs.
  • Some WIP NUI features, not yet available.
  • Some deploy config changes for AppVeyor.
  • Missing 1868 (and some -not all- 2060) DLC vehicles added.
  • Add support for game builds 1868 and 2060 by adding the new vehicle class and vehicle wheel type options.
  • Fix vehicle wheel type list bug.
  • Rework weather and time options, note that the convars (config options) for these features have been changed!
  • Experimental feature: add support for addon weapon components, untested. This is a new section (weapon_components) in the addons.json file.
  • Fixed a bug which caused some vehicle modifications to apply incorrectly when spawning a saved vehicle.
  • Updated CFX dependencies.
  • Update MenuAPI dependency.
  • Merge a bugfix PR which adds additional checks before locking personal vehicles using the remote options.
  • Merge a bugfix PR which addresses an overhead player names issue.

convar changes (permissions.cfg):

Removed options:

  • vmenu_allow_random_blackout This feature has been removed.
  • vmenu_smooth_time_transitions This feature has been removed.
  • vmenu_bans_database_filepath All SQLite/bans.json options have been removed.
  • vmenu_bans_use_database All SQLite/bans.json options have been removed.

Added options:

  • vmenu_blackout_enabled This allows you to set the (default) state for blackout mode.
  • vmenu_sync_to_machine_time Allows you to sync the time to the server's real system time (the custom in-game hour duration setting will be ignored if this is enabled and you won't be able to change the time manually).
  • vmenu_weather_change_duration Allows you to configure how long weather changes take.

Changed/renamed options:

  • vmenu_default_time_hour has been renamed to vmenu_current_hour
  • vmenu_default_time_min has been renamed to vmenu_current_minute
  • vmenu_default_weather has been renamed to vmenu_current_weather

Addons.json changes

A new section has been added for weapon_components in which you can add the names of addon (streamed) weapon components, note that this is untested. They will automatically be matched for compatible weapons and appear as components which you can toggle in the weapon options menu.