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Features / Commands

vSync allows you to change time, weather and modify some options using commands. Most commands are accessible from both the server and the client, some are client-only though.

A list of commands

Command Description Syntax Server Console?*
/freezetime Toggles time freezing on/off. /freezetime Yes
/freezeweather Toggles dynamic weather changes on/off. /freezeweather Yes
/weather Changes the weather type. /weather <weatherType> Yes
/blackout Toggles blackout mode on/off (removes all light sources in-game). /blackout Yes
/time Sets the time to the time specified by the command input arguments. /time <hh> <mm> Yes
/morning Sets time to 09:00. /morning No
/noon Sets time to 12:00. /noon No
/evening Sets time to 18:00. /evening No
/night Sets time to 23:00. /night No

* Is the command available in the server console/rcon client?

Note when trying to use commands, make sure you are using the stock FiveM chat resource, or a custom chat resource that supports RegisterCommand commands. If your chat resource does not support this, then commands will not work from the client side, unless you use the F8 console, and type the commands without the / in front of it. For example: /time 14 15 would be time 14 15.

The same applies for the server console / rcon tools, execute the command without a / when using any type of console, instead of the in-game default chat.

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