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The players (50 in the first version) are put together on a surface map randomly.
If a player doesn't play for more than one day a babysitter will jump in.
If a player doesn't play for more than week the most active babysitter will be offered
to take over the hill.
The player starts in an anthill.
He can manage ants, production and the DNS program for new ants
He can specialize ants to become
* diggers
* scouts
* babysitters
* cutters (leaves)
* carriers
* constructers
* parachuters ;-)
The player can send ants to the surface
There he will see a map with fog of war that he has to discover.
He won't see enemy ants unless one of his own came by not too long ago.
He will see food sources, structure resources and other ant hills.
He can send ants to gather food, scout the area or change little things like moving a stone
If his ants meet an enemy unit they will send a warning and run home to call for soldiers
The player can also decide to be more defensive and not send any more ants to that specific area.
Once enough soldiers gathered from both sides a battle is started.
If no enemies turn up the soldiers will only guard the area for some time or until the player retreats them.
In the first version of the game the outcome of battles are computed by the server but
later versions might feature a round based battle with turns lasting only 10 minutes.