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A rogue-like surfing game. January entry for OneGameAMonth
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Rogue Beach, CA

Born from shear madness is this roguelike game about surfing. Yes, surfing. The gameplay is yet unclear but expect some action at Dungeon Reef (South Africa), some freaky Surf Rock and other un-roguelike-y things.

Srsly, roguelike and surfing?

You gotta be mad to combine a very fast sport like surfing with the turn-based gameplay of roguelike (though some people just don't get it on the first try), but I think it can be done with a few tricks. And let's not forgot, a Rogue Beach will be the ideal game for anyone who's too slow for surfing or would like to enjoy the wildlife while surfing.

First of all the grid will be a lot small than the usual 1x1m you find in roguelikes. Secondly the player will have a (very high) speed parameter so if she goes UP at high speed, a single hit on the LEFT button will only turn her a little and she will still go UP for a few turns, dozens of grid blocks.


The player start swith herr board on the beach, grab it, run for the water and paddle out. Danger might lie in waves crashing in. Once you passed the waves, wait for a good one (of course the waves are generated randomly, seeded, and how often does the map completely mutate in a roguelike?) and paddle like mad, jump and the Fun can start.

Players get scores for a good and long surf, a polished release will give score if some camera is waiting to get a shot of the surfers. Trade your score for some hot speedos, flashy bikinis, boards, magic mushrooms, or a tasty cheeseburger while you are at the beach.

Is is really roguelike?

The checklist according to mikipedia:

  1. Prodecually generated, not could be more chaotic than waves
  2. Turnbased combat (it sure is!)
  3. Magic items (Magic Mushrooms from Old Willi's Hippy supply)
  4. Permadeath (just wait till you fall and hit the rocks)
  5. Single player


|       |
|   │   |
| @ │   |
|   │   |
|       |

Surfer carrying a board


  • LÖVE2d
  • ananasblau's own games Kollum and Cross Country Running


  • Thomas R. Koll (aka @ananasblau and @TomK32)
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