A Plugin to add "Follow" functionality for models
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acts_as_follower is a plugin to allow any model to "follow" any other model.

Main uses would be for Users to follow other Users or for Users to follow Books, etc...

(Basics to develop the type of follow system that GitHub has)


* Run the following command:
	./script/plugin install git://github.com/tcocca/acts_as_follower.git 
* Create a new rails migration and create the corresponding Follow model (app/models/follow.rb) using the generator:
	./script/generate acts_as_follower

Usage & Examples

Make your model(s) that you want to allow to to follow acts_as_followable

 	class User < ActiveRecord::Base
 	class Book < ActiveRecord::Base
Make your model(s) that can follow other model(s) acts_as_follower

 	class User < ActiveRecord::Base

ActsAsFollower Methods

- To have a Model object start following another use the following:

		book = Book.find(1)
		current_user.follow(book) # Creates a record for the current_user as the follower and the book as the followable

- To stop following a Model object use the following

		current_user.stop_following(book) # Deletes that record in the Follow table

- You can check to see if a Model that acts_as_follower is following a Model acts_as_followable through the following:

		current_user.following?(book) # Returns true or false

- To get all of the records that a Model is following use the following on a model that acts_as_follower

		current_user.all_following # Returns an array of every followed object for the current user.
- To get all followed objects by a certain type use the following on a model that acts_as_follower. It should be noted that this method is considerably faster than the above one.

		current_user.following_by_type('Book') # Returns an array of all followed objects for current user where followable_type is 'Book'
- To get the total number (count) of follows for a user use the following on a model that acts_as_follower

		current_user.follow_count # Returns and integer

# ActsAsFollowable Methods

- To get all the followers of a model that acts_as_followable

		book = Book.find(1)
		book.followers  # Returns an array of all the followers for that book
- To get just the number of follows use

- To see is a model that acts_as_followable is followed by a model that acts_as_follower use the following

		book.followed_by?(current_user) # Returns true or false depending on if current_user is following book


If anyone has comments or questions please let me know (tom dot cocca at gmail dot com)
If you have updates or patches or want to contribute I would love to see what you have or want to add

Thank you to Dougal and JDG for their interest and time in commiting to making this plugin better.
Also, make sure to check out Dougal's blog about the plugin here: http://douglasfshearer.com/blog/rails-plugin-acts-as-follower

ALso, props go out to Pete Jackson on his VoteFu plugin which is what I took the majority of the design pattern for this plugin from:
See Pete's plugin here: http://github.com/peteonrails/vote_fu/tree/master

Pete based his plugin off of acts_as_voteable and acts_as_commentable so I should give props there as well.

Thank you Pete!


* Add Example Usage code to the plugin
* Possibly add hooks for model observer code or after_save or after_update code
	- Any ideas on this are more than welcome, just email me.

Copyright (c) 2008 Tom Cocca ( tom dot cocca at gmail dot com ), released under the MIT license