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Fortress Middle Management: Servants of Blood

branch: cross-country

Fortress Middle Management: Servants of Blood is a game focusing on one aspect that Dwarf Fortress neglects heavily. In Servants of Blood you will play the role of a dwarf in middle management. You must be eager to assign the tasks at hand to the right dwarf. You never stop looking for fresh blood to immigrate into to your fortress (children welcome). You will enjoy your pie charts, shift tables, de-briefment reports, and drafting new Health & Safety guidelines. And make sure you never run out of office supplies.


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This is not open source. If you start reading this code (just like I read other people's code), you might think "oh that's a splendid line of code, you wouldn't mind if I take it as inspriation?". No, I wouldn't. Just don't copy the whole thing, replace my name with yours and sell it for more than I would.

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