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+**Fortress Middle Management: Servants of Blood** is a game focusing on
+one aspect that *Dwarf Fortress* neglects heavily. In Servants of Blood
+you will play the role of a dwarf in middle management. You must be
+eager to assign the tasks at hand to the right dwarf. You never stop
+looking for fresh blood to immigrate into to your fortress (children
+welcome). You will enjoy your pie charts, shift tables, de-briefment
+reports, and drafting new Health & Safety guidelines. And make sure you
+never run out of office supplies.
+## Authors
+* Thomas R. Koll, <>
+## Thanks to
+* Tarn & Zach Adams for creating Dwarf Fortress
+* Zach Howardfor creating darkfort, a great inspration for getting started with LÖVE2d
+## License
+This is not open source. If you start reading this code (just like I
+read other people's code), you might think "oh that's a splendid line of
+code, you wouldn't mind if I take it as inspriation?". No, I wouldn't.
+Just don't copy the whole thing, replace my name with yours and sell it
+for more than I would.

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