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Improve desciption in .cabal

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1 parent 22a4f19 commit b79dc524ffb921de40486e8fb642b9f858c86c1e @TomMD committed Aug 16, 2010
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10 crypto-api.cabal
@@ -5,12 +5,20 @@ license-file: LICENSE
copyright: Thomas DuBuisson <>
author: Thomas DuBuisson <>, Dominic Steinitz
maintainer: Thomas DuBuisson <>
-description: A generic interface for cryptographic operations.
+description: A generic interface for cryptographic operations,
+ platform independent quality RNG, property tests
+ and known-answer tests (KATs) for common algorithms,
+ and a basic benchmark infrastructure.
Maintainers of hash and cipher implementations are
encouraged to add instances for the classes defined
in Data.Crypto.Classes. Crypto users are similarly
encoraged to use the interfaces defined in the Classes
+ Any concepts or functions of general use to more than
+ one cryptographic algorithm (ex: padding) is within
+ scope of this package.
synopsis: A generic interface for cryptographic operations
category: Data, Cryptography
stability: stable

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