Not sure what... (installing crypto-api fails, maybe just me) #2

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hi, sorry to bother, but I'm not sure where to ask this, or how to; I'm very new to haskell...

Tried installing yesod, and it sort of failed; I killed it after 5 minutes of waiting for this
[2 of 9] Compiling Crypto.CPoly ( Crypto/CPoly.hs, dist/build/Crypto/CPoly.o )

The version is 0.7 from hackage. I got the latest version from your repo here, but I'm not well versed enough to 'install' the git clone manually.

I read now that the CPoly class is/was pretty big, so maybe I'm just too impatient?

Anyhow, hope you have time to reply on this, any pointers appreciated =)




I left cabal running in a screen overnight now, and indeed it did finnsih, albeit with a lot of
Crypto/Modes.hs:582:0: Unrecognised pragma

I will try 0.8, and also the optimization switch, this evening.

Thank you a lot for the swift replies and fix. =)


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Disregard the reopening & closing of this issue, didn't see right away that it was you who answered the stackoverflow question linked to below.

Hi again,

installed 0.8, and it was a lot faster. Then I went on to yesod (0.9.3):

~$ cabal install yesod
Resolving dependencies...
cabal: cannot configure cprng-aes-0.2.2. It requires crypto-api >=0.8
For the dependency on crypto-api >=0.8 there are these packages:
crypto-api-0.8. However none of them are available.
crypto-api-0.8 was excluded because skein- requires crypto-api ==0.6.*
crypto-api-0.8 was excluded because crypto-api-0.6.4 was selected instead
crypto-api-0.8 was excluded because clientsession- requires crypto-api

=0.6.4 && <0.7

...this seems a rather odd dependency list?

Just saw this now, posted 5 hrs ago, so prob related to this ticket,

Not sure if this is yours to fix, but I reopened this issue.

Cheers & thanks again,

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