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bytestring version constraint and ffi #7

cartazio opened this Issue Apr 26, 2012 · 2 comments

2 participants


i'm test building a bunch of packages for ghc 7.5 head,
and crypto api builds fine if the following changes are made

relax the bytestring constraint to < 0.11

modify the CInt import to CInt(..)
(the new ffi stuff complains if the constructor for a new type isn't in scope)

and also the largewords package which need num constraints in its instance heads, and i've emailed the author about that.


TomMD commented Apr 26, 2012
@TomMD TomMD closed this Apr 27, 2012

Its not an issue, its currently a warning at compile time for 7.4.* ghc, but for 7.6.* it'll be a compile time error / failure if the constructor isn't in scope.

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