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buildKey from CryptoRandomGen #9

singpolyma opened this Issue Dec 31, 2012 · 1 comment

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Currently, the only high-level mechanism provided by crypto-api for key generation requires IO. I would like to propose the inclusion of something like:

buildKeyGen :: (BlockCipher k, CryptoRandomGen g) => g -> Either GenError (k, g)
buildKeyGen = runStateT (go (0::Int))
  go 1000 = lift $ Left $ GenErrorOther
                  "Tried 1000 times to generate a key from the system entropy.\
                  \  No keys were returned! Perhaps the system entropy is broken\
                  \ or perhaps the BlockCipher instance being used has a non-flat\
                  \ keyspace."
  go i = do
   let bs = keyLength
   kd <- StateT $ genBytes ((7 + untag bs) `div` 8)
   case buildKey kd of
      Nothing -> go (i+1)
       Just k  -> return $ k `asTaggedTypeOf` bs
TomMD commented Dec 31, 2012

Such a patch would need to include all build*Key*Gen combinations (ex: stream key, key pair), but I would certainly accept it.

@TomMD TomMD closed this Jan 1, 2013
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