PHP Scripts for uploading videos to Vimeo
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Vimeo Uploader


  • Linux of some description
  • PHP 5.3+
  • PHP Curl
  • Vimeo account

Install instructions

  • Register a new application with Vimeo; be sure to request uploader access
  • Download and extract the code
  • Copy config.example.ini to config.ini
  • Once your Vimeo application is approved update the consumer_key and consumer_secret settings in config.ini
  • Run ./Scripts/Authorize.php and follow the instructions

Usage instuctions

You may either upload a single video:

./Scripts/UploadSingle.php /path/to/video/file.mp4

Or upload videos from a directory:

./Scripts/UploadMultiple.php /directory/full/of/videos


All executable files in ./Hooks/Preupload will be executed before a video is uploaded. Each hook will be given the full path to the video being uploaded as its only argument.

If any hooks have a non-zero return code the video will not be uploaded.

If the upload succeeds: all executable files in ./Hooks/Postupload will be executed. Each hook will be given the full path to the uploaded video as its only argument.

The suggested use-case for hooks is to store an MD5 hash of a file post-upload, and checking if the MD5 hash of a file has already been stored on pre-upload to avoid uploading the same video twice. Some example hooks written in PHP are provided that do just this; albeit in a simplistic manner.


  • The script will always check your upload quota before uploading videos
  • GetID3 is used for getting video title and description/comment