Meme bot for Discord and useful history logging
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Build Status

😶 Miscord 🔥

Miscord, or Meme Discord, is a meme bot for Discord. I meme, who doesn't like memes, you know what I meme 💥?

We are primarily making memes from games that our friends play together. If you have any requests just make an issue or a pull request!

Using Miscord on Your Server

Add the bot to your Discord server.

If you type .help it will list the commands you can use. Along with memes, Miscord also logs users joining and leaving voice channels in the server. For this to work you must have a text channel called history (you should mute this channel so you don't get notifications).

Build Guide

  1. Run git clone
  2. Run npm install
  • Before you run npm install you must meet the following:
    1. Have Node installed (Add Node to path for Windows)
    2. Have Python 2.7.x installed
    3. FFMPEG installed to path
    1. Visual Studio installed (Windows) or Xcode installed (Mac)
  1. Run npm run bot to run the bot