A custom DirectX11 engine which was used to create a PBR fur shader.
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Alloy Engine


Project Metallurgy - PBR Fur Shader

A fur shader developed for my Advanced Technologies Module, made in Directx11. The shader uses the shelling technique implemented using a geometry shader and uses a Cooke-Torrance BRDF using the same terms used in the Order 1886 for their default materials.


  • Material framework
  • Fur shader using the shelling technique (geometry shader)
  • Cooke-Torrance microfacet BRDF
  • Obj loading using Assimp
  • Texture loading using WIC Texture loader

Libraries Used:

  • Assimp
  • WIC Texture Loader
  • AntTweakBar

PBR Terms:

  • Normal Distribution Function (NDF) Term - Trowbridge-Reitz
  • Geometry Term - GSmith
  • Fresnel Term - Schlicks Approximation