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Jun 10, 2017
update interface handling

@Normalised Normalised released this Jun 10, 2017

This release has 3 new features. Root quantisation, Scala tuning file support and long press button to reboot.

Root Quantisation

Both Root Pot and CV quantisation can be turned off with the !FREEROOT setting which has 3 variations :




The first turns off pitch cv quantisation, the 2nd is the pot, the third turns off both.

Scala Tuning file support.

To load a custom tuning you will need to add a TUNING.SCL file onto the SD card.
The contents must be in scala format

The scala site has a download of over 4500 tuning files here :

The procedure is

  1. LOAD the 0.6 Beta Firmware
  2. find an scl file you want to use, e.g. riley_albion.scl
  3. copy it to the SD card and rename it to TUNING.SCL
  4. restart your chord organ

Long Press WAVEFORM to reboot

If you hold the WAVEFORM button for over 5 seconds the module will reboot

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@Normalised Normalised released this Mar 29, 2017

  • Webpage to generate config file:
  • 1v/Oct scaling working, with custom note range option.
  • Generate the chord list from a midi file. Easier chord writing.
  • Now with 12 waveforms! (3 pages to scroll through)
  • Arbitrary wavetable loading work is complete. Some of the alternative waveforms are now wavetables. Work now needs to be done to let user load their own.
  • Double first 4 voices. Stack the 8 oscillators as two pairs of 4 (with some static ’slop’ to add mild chorusing).
  • Glide option. Glide between note or chord changes.
  • SD card isn’t needed unless you want to edit defaults. Default chord list and settings are now loaded from firmware.
  • Voice 8 hanging note bug fixed.
  • Decoupled Root CV and Root Knob so they both use their own full range
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Mar 15, 2017


Firmware V0.5 Beta
1v/Oct Tuning. Custom Waves. Glide. Voice Stacking. Boot with no SD.

@Normalised Normalised released this Mar 29, 2017

Initial firmware release.

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