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This is a Eurorack Layout for the Thomas Henry VCO 1 Oscillator.

NB: All rights to this design rest with Thomas Henry. I do not claim or grant any copyright or license to this design. I am not selling any boards. I have not been able to contact Thomas, and will take this page down if he asks me to.

I made very minor changes from Thomas' original to make it work on 12v - detailed here:

This layout is for a modern LM13700 OTA replacing the old 3080, with a That 340 chip providing the matched transistor pairs. The only other non-standard components are a 2K 3300ppm Tempco as R2, and a Polystyrene 1nf cap as C3.

It all works very well, fantastic FM, nice looking and sounding sines. I was able to trim it to 4-5 octaves before getting bored. I haven't used multi-turn trimmers, so it might be harder to trim more accurately. On my second build I haven't trimmed anything, and it works beautifully for my needs.

Quick demo here:

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