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##Turing Vactrol Mix Expander

  • A 4 in, 2 out vactrol matrix mixer controlled by the Turing Machine
  • Connects to the Gates output, can be daisychained with Voltages
  • Creates rhythmic patterns or shifting drones from any audio source
  • Great for feedback loops
  • DC coupled, so you can also rhythmically cut up DC sources; LFOs etc.
  • Inspired by Grant Richter's Cadavre Exquis voltage controlled mixer.
  • NB: Fully expanded Turing (Pulses, Voltages, Vactrol) draws up to 190mA of current, so you may need to upgrade (or short circuit) the polyfuses in your backpack.


Patch Ideas
Issue Log

There is no PCB Panel layout, but there is a prototype lasercut panel in the hardware folder.

###Demos: Video 1: General demo
Video 2
Video 3
Vactrol Mix Expander 1
Vactrol Mix Expander 2
20 Minutes of Madness

Turing Machine Vactrol Mix Expander

This module design is Creative Commons Licensed by Tom Whitwell: CC-BY-SA