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@echo off
echo ===============================================================================
echo Setting your drive to boot
echo ===============================================================================
set DISK=none
set BOOTFLAG=boot666s.tmp
echo This file is used to determine current drive letter. It should be deleted. >\%BOOTFLAG%
if not exist \%BOOTFLAG% goto readOnly
echo wait please ...
for %%d in ( C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ) do if exist %%d:\%BOOTFLAG% set DISK=%%d
if %DISK% == none goto DiskNotFound
echo Setting up boot record for %DISK%:, wait please...
if %OS% == Windows_NT goto setupNT
goto setup95
\boot\syslinux.exe -maf -d /boot/ %DISK%:
goto setupDone
\boot\ -maf -d /boot/ %DISK%:
echo Installation finished.
goto pauseit
echo You're starting boot installer from a read-only media, this will not work.
goto pauseit
echo Error: can't find out current drive letter
echo Press any key to exit...
pause > nul
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