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# This is a config file for Linux Live Kit build script.
# You shouldn't need to change anything expect LIVEKITNAME
# Live Kit Name. Defaults to 'mylinux';
# For example, Slax changes it to 'slax'
# Must not contain any spaces.
# If you change it, you must run ./tools/isolinux.bin.update script
# in order to update isolinux.bin for CD booting.
# Kernel file, will be copied to your Live Kit
# Kernel version. Change it to "3.2.28" for example, if you are building
# Live Kit with a different kernel than the one you are actually running
KERNEL=$(uname -r)
# List of directories which will be modularized
# No subdirectories are allowed, no slashes,
# so You can't use /var/tmp here for example
# Exclude directories like proc sys tmp
MKMOD="bin etc home lib lib64 opt root sbin srv usr var"
# List of files and directories you'd like to exclude from your Live Kit
EXCLUDE="/etc/fstab /etc/mtab"
# Temporary directory to store livekit filesystem
# Bundle extension, for example 'sb' for .sb extension
# Directory with kernel .ko modules, can be different in some distros
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