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+# This file gets copied to LiveKit ZIP build, in order to provide
+# some basic information for the user - mostly hints to encourage
+# the user to run /mylinux/boot/
+# Lines containing # are ignored
+Thank you for using mylinux!
+Steps to make it bootable from your USB device:
+1) Extract the contents of ZIP archive to your USB drive.
+ If you are using Windows, you will get for example E:\mylinux\
+ You probably already did this, just make sure you extracted
+ the archive to your USB drive and not to your local harddisk.
+2) Now navigate to directory /mylinux/boot/ on your USB drive.
+ In Windows, it will be E:\mylinux\boot\ for example.
+ Use explorer or any other file manager for this task.
+3) While you're in the boot directory, locate file bootinst.bat
+ Run it by doubleclicking it. It will setup your USB to boot.
+ If you're running Linux, use instead.
+-- That's it. Your USB device is now ready to boot mylinux.
+-- You can safely delete this readme.txt file, it's not needed.

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