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copy all files from bootfiles, not just the named ones

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1 parent 577e393 commit a52b9249af030a65035a41f17cda085a76810226 @Tomas-M committed Sep 25, 2012
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@@ -30,11 +30,7 @@ rm -Rf "$LIVEKITDATA"
mkdir -p "$BOOT"
mv "$INITRAMFS" $BOOT/initrfs.img
-cp bootfiles/isolinux.bin $BOOT
-cp bootfiles/vesamenu.c32 $BOOT
-cp bootfiles/bootlogo.png $BOOT
-cp bootfiles/syslinux.exe $BOOT
-cp bootfiles/ $BOOT
+cp bootfiles/* $BOOT
cat bootfiles/syslinux.cfg | sed -r "s:/boot/:/$LIVEKITNAME/boot/:" > $BOOT/syslinux.cfg
cat bootfiles/bootinst.bat | sed -r "s:/boot/:/$LIVEKITNAME/boot/:" | sed -r "s:\\\\boot\\\\:\\\\$LIVEKITNAME\\\\boot\\\\:" > $BOOT/bootinst.bat
cp /boot/vmlinuz $BOOT/

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