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A Python package for locating the dune toe on cross-shore beach profile transects.
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Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. License: MIT Build Status Documentation Status Coverage Status status

pybeach: A Python package for locating the dune toe on cross-shore beach profile transects.



pybeach is a python package for identifying dune toes on 2D beach profile transects. It includes the following methods:

  • Machine learning;
  • Maximum curvature (Stockdon et al, 2007);
  • Relative relief (Wernette et al, 2016); and,
  • Perpendicular distance.

In addition, pybeach contains methods for identifying the shoreline position and dune crest position on 2D beach profile transects. See the pybeach paper for more details about pybeach.


from pybeach.beach import Profile

# example data
x = np.arange(0, 80, 0.5)
z = np.concatenate((np.linspace(4, 5, 40),
                    np.linspace(5, 2, 10),
                    np.linspace(2, 0, 91)[1:],
                    np.linspace(0, -1, 20)))

# instantiate
p = Profile(x, z)

# predict dune toe, dune crest, shoreline location
toe_ml, prob_ml = p.predict_dunetoe_ml('wave_embayed_clf')  # predict toe using machine learning model
toe_mc = p.predict_dunetoe_mc()    # predict toe using maximum curvature method (Stockdon et al, 2007)
toe_rr = p.predict_dunetoe_rr()    # predict toe using relative relief method (Wernette et al, 2016)
toe_pd = p.predict_dunetoe_pd()    # predict toe using perpendicular distance method
crest = p.predict_dunecrest()      # predict dune crest
shoreline = p.predict_shoreline()  # predict shoreline

See the example notebook for more details.


Read the pybeach documentation here.


A list of pybeach dependencies can be found in pyproject.toml. Currently, pybeach depends on the following:

  • python = "^3.7"
  • numpy = "1.17.2"
  • scipy = "1.3.1"
  • pandas = "0.25.1"
  • scikit-learn = "0.21.2"
  • joblib = "0.13.2"

Questions, Comments, Suggestions

Do you have a question that needs answering? Have you found an issue with the code and need to get it fixed? Or perhaps you're looking to contribute to the code and have ideas for how it could be improved. In all cases, please see the Issues page.


Stockdon, H. F., Sallenger Jr, A. H., Holman, R. A., & Howd, P. A. (2007). A simple model for the spatially-variable coastal response to hurricanes. Marine Geology, 238, 1-20.

Wernette, P., Houser, C., & Bishop, M. P. (2016). An automated approach for extracting Barrier Island morphology from digital elevation models. Geomorphology, 262, 1-7.

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