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WebRTC Data Channel demo
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WebRTC Data Channels Example

A simple example of WebRTC Data Channels. Uses postMessage() as a substitute for a real signalling channel.

I've made this because I was frustrated with the lack of good WebRTC data channel examples and tutorials online.

The code should be self-explanatory when following MDN on the side. There is only one gotcha and it is documented/commented. Following the Console messages in Developer Tools should make it clear what happens and when.

Offerer-answerer Mode

Demo on Bloggo

  • Unix: open offerer-answerer/index.html
  • Windows: start offerer-answerer/index.html
  • Chrome Test: ./cmd/chrome-screenshot/ offerer-answerer
  • Firefox Test: ./cmd/firefox-screenshot/ offerer-answerer

In this demo, there are two separate files for offerer and answerer so that who does what when establishing a connection is clearly separated.

Google Chrome screenshot of this demo

Google Chrome Console output from this demo

Native to Web Mode

  • Native application is offerer, web application is answerer
  • Native application is answerer, web application is offerer

See more

Peer Mode


  • Unix: open peer/index.html
  • Windows: start peer/index.html
  • Chrome Test: ./cmd/chrome-screenshot/ peer
  • Firefox Test: ./cmd/firefox-screenshot/ peer

In this demo, each peer is capable of being either an offerer or an answerer. The flows for both are intertwined. Less clear but more real-life.

Google Chrome screenshot of this demo

Google Chrome Console output from this demo


This example is written using latest JavaScript features available in:

  • Chrome 63+
  • Firefox 58+

It does not use anything else and runs off the file protocol.


Chrome screenshot capture:

  • ./cmd/chrome-screenshot/ peer
  • ./cmd/chrome-screenshot/ offerer-answerer

Firefox screenshot capture (in development):

  • ./cmd/firefox-screenshot/ peer
  • ./cmd/firefox-screenshot/ offerer-answerer


Please review the codebase and do not hesitate to open an issue or a PR with questions or proposed changes. PRs in the spirit of this excercise will be merged, PRs adding fluff that has no direct impact on understanding the data channels flow (like adding alternative signalling channel mechanism which work the same way the current one does, adding bundlers etc.) will be respectfully declined.


Fix nvm: command not found in cmd/chrome-screenshot/ and cmd/firefox-screenshot/

Finalize Firefox headless automation for generating screenshots and console logs using Selenium WebDriver

Contribute a demo where peer connections are keyed by peer name and one peer can hold multiple ones or a group chat

Extend the/contribute a new example to cover media session establishment on top of the data one

Consider adding another demo where the signaling channel is a service worker connecting two tabs

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