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@drahomat drahomat released this Mar 2, 2019


Breaking changes

  • Option --labels was renamed to --label to match other container tooling.


  • Ansible-bender can now be configured using Ansible variables. For more info,
    please read the documentation
    • Given this change, base image and target image name are now optional
      arguments of the build command.
  • Bender now uses more candidates when searching for python interpreter in the
    base image, namely /usr/bin/python3.7 and so on.
  • You can now set annotations on the target image.
  • When bender invokes a playbook against a container, it now changes hosts
    variable (in a copy), so that it's not accidentally executed in localhost
  • Json schema is now used to validate input.
  • Before starting the build process, bender checks if the container backend

Bug fixes

  • When ansible-playbook command uses python 2, bender refuses to continue since
    the build will not work.
  • Errors are now being properly logged when bender looks for python interpreter
    in the base image.
  • There was a need for a compatibility fix with buildah 1.7.
  • A build will terminate if there was an exception thrown during the caching or
    layering process.
  • Bender will not try to load non-existent layers from cache.
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