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A fully IndieWeb-compatible PHP blogging engine
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microlight (or µLight, or µlite, etc)


Microlight is a blogging engine based on IndieWeb-based concepts. This means support for:

  • POSSE (posting on your site, automatically posting to other social media sites, and linking the two together)
    • This means comments and replies on those social media websites will also appear on your site underneath the post
  • Post formats:
    • Note ("tweets")
    • Article (blog posts)
    • Photo
    • Video
    • And more! (See PostType)
  • Replies
    • Other people with an IndieWeb compatible website will be able to post comments on your blog using their own website as an account
  • Owning your identity
    • Your website is a corner of the internet you own - no company keeps a-hold of the information you post to it


  • PHP 7 or above
    While in theory microlight should work on PHP 5.6, this version is no longer supported by the PHP group, and so I will not be testing it on any version below 7.
  • PDO MySQL/SQLite
    Currently, the table creation functions are written purely for SQLite (this will be added for MySQL shortly), although fetch posts and inserting posts are fully functional using MySQL.
  • Apache Rewrite Module (mod_rewrite) (optional)
    While this is not required, post permalinks are going to look much nicer.
    Please note, however, this has not yet been implemented, so URLs still look quite ugly.


Will be updated as soon as more is implemented. Right now there's either nothing here, or not enough to be considered publishable.

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