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Discover the Earth through the Cupola!

For many of us, exploring the space designates the insatiable quest to expand our horizon in terms of planets and extraterrestrial life. We neglect the fact that many of our planet's mysteries remain unveiled to our knowledge. We forget to search for the enigmas that render our planet outstanding and unpredictable. By providing an observation and work area in the International Space Station, the Cupola module allows external viewing of the Earth and distant celestial objects.

Cupola is a multiplayer game that allows players to compete against each other by guessing the correct location of satellites pictures of the Earth. Your mission is to put the marker in the mini-map on the bottom left of your screen the closest to the geographical location of the big picture you see in the center. The closer you are to the target location, the more points you earn.

A chat has been integrated for you in order to communicate with other players. Once you start the game, the server will greet you with a message explaining how to play.

There are points to be earned for each picture. You have 10 seconds to guess where the picture might have been taken. Use the marker of the mini-map on the bottom left to give your answer. The progress bar located at the top shows you the remaining time. When the time has expired, a notification will appear at the bottom telling the name, the location and a short description of the site depicted by the image you had to guess.

At the end of each round, the server will send to each player a notification to announce the name of the player who won the points. Keep in mind that the points are given to the player that reached the closest to the target location. The points are given as follows: 10 points for the player that reached within 100 km from the location, 5 points for the player that reached within 500 km from the location and 1 points for the player that reached the closest to the location when neither of the players have reached within 500 km from it.

The purpose of the game is to reach the best score. Type '!top10' in the chat to see if you find yourself among the best 10 players.

Have fun!