A pirate language pack for MyBB 1.x
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Pirate Language Pack

A pirate language pack for MyBB 1.x


This language pack adds a Pirate language to your forum. Please note that it does not convert all text; some messages, errors and notices are left untranslated so that users aren't confused by their meanings.


Take note of the Xekko MyNetwork Licence.

If you ignore it, at least don't try and pass this off as your own work. Please don't make it available for download on your site or other places on the web and direct users here.

Installing Language Packs

Download this package via Github or Xekko Resources. Upload all the files contained in the Upload folder to your forum's root directory.

Once uploaded, visit your forum and either via the User CP Edit Options or the quick language change in your forum's footer (if applicable) Pirate (English) should be available.


Please visit Xekko Resources for support.