MVVM extensions designed for .NET Core with support for async commands, MVVM-friendly Object and Task with support for UI notification.
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MVVM Extensions.sln

MVVM Extensions

MVVM extensions for .NET Core with support for async commands, MVVM-friendly Task and UI notification.

This library is a useful collection of API designed for .NET Core for an extended and easier implementation of the MVVM design pattern. Essentially there are various implementations of the ICommand and INotifyPropertyChanged* interfaces, serving different purposes.

Here's a brief list of the API you can find:

  • ObservableObject: Extend from this class to have an object that supports notifications without worrying to implement INotifyPropertyChanged.
  • ObservableTask: A wrapper of Task that supports UI notifications.
  • RelayCommand and RelayCommand<T>: Standard implementations (non-generic and generic) of the ICommand interface.
  • AsyncCommand, AsyncCommand<TResult> and AsyncCommand<TParameter, TResult>: Commands that execute asynchronous operations or Tasks.


MVVM Extensions is released under MIT License.