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Game Chosen: Checkers

Basic Rules:

  1. Player turn will be randomized at start of each game.
  2. Single "jumps" are not forced if available.
  3. Multi "jumps" are forced if a single "jump" is made and multiple are available.
  4. A "king", which can traverse both directions of the board, will replace a regular piece when the regular piece crosses the board.
  5. Player will win by "jumping" all of the opponents' pieces, or if no moves are available, by having "jumped" the most pieces.


  • "Players" settings enable playing a friend (2 player) or an AI (1 player). Currently, only 2 player is available.
  • "Red Side" settings allow players to decide which color is on the "top" of the board.
  • "Display Tips" settings allow players to show or hide gameplay tips. Experienced users may better enjoy the game without these tips.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Flex

Additional features desired:

  • Single player AI
  • Automation script for demonstration
  • Button and menu for rules similar to settings


  1. Game is playable Buttons or keyboard events work, monsters die when you shoot them, etc.
  2. Game is 2-player (or AI) AI/environment is appropriately responsive, or it is designed as a 2 player game
  3. Game is winnable Unless specifically designed as a world-exploration game, it is theoretically winnable and detects such a condition accurately
  4. Winner is displayed (if applicable) Winner is congratulated, game generally stops until it is reset in some way
  5. Has directions - how to play Explanations included for anything that isn't abundantly clear. At least in a README file if not directly inside the game itself.
  6. Appropriate Use of GitHub Get your repository up on GitHub early on, commits are done throughout the week on a regular basis, and commit messages are clear and purposeful.
  7. Deployed on GitHub Pages Deployed and working on gh-pages
  8. Long files appropriately split up e.g., Avoid 500 lines of code in one file.
  9. Appropriate use of functions Functions that are present are named and used logically, and there are few if any missed opportunities for DRYer code by using a function.
  10. DRY Code Little to no repetition (or needless verbosity) in the code
  11. Draw (Tie) detected (if applicable) Applicable for games like tic-tac-toe, connect-four, black jack, or go fish where ties are possible. Not typically applicable for things like platformer games.
  12. Good collision detection/Ease of triggering events Graceful of triggering events (including collisions if applicable).