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Suggested human interface guidelines (HIG) for Gutenberg integrations
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Gutenberg HIG

As a radical new approach to editing and managing content, Gutenberg—the new editor for WordPress—departs from all well-established WordPress norms, which can lead to confusion and unclear paths for designers and developers.

Human Interface Guidelines, or "HIGs", are an essential tool to help developers and designers adhere to a platform's best design practices. This documentation helps ensure that user interfaces fit seamlessly with the software, don't introduce anti-patterns or confuse users, and leverage the usability benefits of predictability.

Apple's HIG documentation is perhaps the most famous, offering critical insight into what's required to make an app that feels like a native part of one of their operating systems.

This repository contains a set of Human Interface Guidelines for Gutenberg. This is not an official project, and should not be interpreted as such. This is just our opinionated approach and understanding of what makes a great Gutenberg user interface.

Relation to the Gutenberg Design Principles

There is official documentation on the design of the Gutenberg user interface itself, which also include notes on designing interfaces for blocks.

Our guidelines are intended to augment and expand that documentation, providing more specific opinions, updated advice based on changes made to Gutenberg, and real-world thoughts as block designers and developers ourselves.

About Tomodomo

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License & Conduct

This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT License, included in

All open source Tomodomo projects follow a strict code of conduct, included in We ask that all contributors adhere to the standards and guidelines in that document.

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