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Tone.js Wiki


There are a few ways to install and use Tone.js using either npm or bower or the Tone.js CDN. Tone can also be used with or without requirejs. For full instructions, take a look at the installation guide

Working with Tone.js

To get started sequencing and synthesizing notes, take a look at a basic arpeggiator walkthrough.


Time in Tone.js lets you think in musical timing instead of seconds. Every method which takes time as an argument also accepts Time. The value of Time is relative to the current tempo of the Tone.Transport.


Signals plays an important role in the library. Understanding Tone.Signal will help you create tightly synchronized and interestingly automated applications.


The easiest way to contribute is by sending issues on Github. If you already have a good understanding of Tone.js, making tutorials which I can link to from the github page would be very welcome.

If you'd like to contribute a change or module beyond a basic pull request, please send me an email.

I haven't published my TODO for Tone.js, but I will if people are interested in tackling specific problems.

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