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The Exponent Platform

The Exponent Platform is a complete Layer1 DeFi solution running on DFINITY's Internet Computer. Our platform is made from a number of our token standard, SDK and protocols:

The Exponent Token Standard - EXT

The exponent token standard is an ERC721 equivilent standard allowing for the creation, minting and management of fungible and non-fungible digital assets on the IC blockchain. The EXT standard will form the underlying base of our entire platform by providing a secure on-chain standard to handle digital assets.

Once minted, users will be able to transfer EXTs and use them through the Exponent Platform.

eDEX Protocol

The eDEX Protocol provides IC Canisters for the trading of EXTs in a decentralized way using dapps like Decentralized Exchanges and Online Marketplaces. Developers can deploy their own eDEX Canisters and set developer defined trading fees. We will also look to release our own DEX built on top of the eDEX Protocol.

Rapt Protocol - Wrapped ICP Tokens

The Rapt Protocol allows for the interoperability of ICP tokens, providing an EXT-like interface to allow for the treatment of ICP tokens as an EXT. This will allow us to securely use these wrapped ICP tokens as trading pairs and cross-chain transfers.

Exponent SDK

These tools can be used by developers to quickly deploy tokens (either FT or NFT) using the EXT Standard. Tooling will also allow for the management, future minting and dapp integration of EXTs.


The Exponent Platform for the Internet Compter






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