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Welcome to the Simply Jetpacks Wiki!

This is the official and up-to-date source of information for the Minecraft mod Simply Jetpacks.

What is Simply Jetpacks?

Simply Jetpacks is a small addon to either Thermal Expansion, Ender IO or both. It adds jetpacks that can be used to fly. The jetpacks are powered by Redstone Flux, a type of energy that is used in many mods today. Other than jetpacks, Simply Jetpacks adds flux packs and the powerful JetPlates.


Modpack developers are free to include Simply Jetpacks into any modpack they want.

Wiki Pages

Read more about the mod's features here:


Since pretty much everyone in modded Minecraft uses it anyway, it is encouraged to use Not Enough Items to look up the recipes for the items in the mod.


Simply Jetpacks is a very configurable mod. For example, the speed, power usage or energy storage of jetpacks can be changed, but that is not all. Have a look around in the ingame config GUI, or the config file itself, and check out all the things you can actually change in the mod!


  • Team CoFH for Thermal Expansion, CoFHLib and the Redstone Flux API
  • CrazyPants for Ender IO and adding things to it that let me integrate with it better
  • Pathaleon for early jetpack textures
  • sk89q for the logo and advice from an experienced programmer
  • Cybercat and dand0 for providing a jetpack 3D model
  • nabijaczleweli for helping me with jetpack sounds
  • The CoFH beta testers for helping me test the mod for 1.7.10 and doing some suggestions
  • MrKevba for potatoes
  • The Forge team for the Forge API, Mojang for Minecraft, etc.
  • Anyone else who has contributed to making Simply Jetpacks better and better!
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